Saby Clary’s Utopia – A Mecca for Elegance

I’m not a gown gal. I’m in my jeans and t-shirt most of the time. However, every so often I have to dress up for the odd fashion event or Second Life night out, so I like to have a few REALLY nice go-to gowns in my inventory for such occasions. One of my favourite formal shops is Saby Clary’s Utopia Glamour Mall. Models looking for that “WOW” factor at casting calls and auditions should definitely check out Saby’s gowns.

Utopia BLUE Royal

Jena Adder wearing Utopia BLUE Royal gown

My favourite at the moment is the Utopia Blue Royal gown. This gown embodies strength, femininity and elegance. It’s beautiful jewel stone and whimsical flared veil adds glam and radiance to the overall look. The sheer top and generous slit in the skirt screams sexy. sensual, seductive. The complete outfit  is a display of sparkle and shine and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. Saby demonstrates how a deep royal blue gown can be visually powerful and bold yet light and feminine.

Utopia BLUE Royal (back)

Jena Adder wearing Utopia BLUE Royal gown (back)

Look for the Infinity Blue and Red gowns with similar sparkle and clever variations of the top, jewels and veil.

Utopia RED Infinity (POP)

Utopia RED Infinity (photo provided by Saby Clary)

Utopia BLUE infinity

Utopia BLUE infinity (photo provided by Saby Clary)

Thinking sexy, quality, stylish and modern? Visit Saby Clary’s Utopia Mainstore.

Saby Clary’s Utopia offers elegant outfits, gowns and fabulous wedding creations for women, and fine suits and formal wear for men. Designs by Saby Clary. Owned by Saby Clary and Ricky Zhichao.

Jena Adder



Watch the new AMPLIFIED Models Video

AMPLIFIED Models Promotional Video

Sexy? Go to My Pinkie Skull

Fashion Review – 4 stars * * * * *

One of my favourite stores on Second Life is My Pinkie Skull. This fun, sexy/casual shop is sure to please with its abundance of good quality separates that are youthful and colourful. Check out the cute and sexy thong packs, cleverly-orchestrated micro skirts and fun and whimsical leggings. You’ll flip for the nipple-pinched tank and bikini tops — must-haves for the thong-showing daring diva in all of us (giggles).

Sheer Catsuit Outfit

Sheer Catsuit Outfit - available in net and plain, two opacity levels, open and full body

My favourite piece at the moment is the recently released Sheer Catsuit Outfit. The folder includes a net and plain option, two opacity levels and open and full body suits — lots of great options to complement many of the other separates available in store. (Shoes in photo: MANA Breezie Spring Orange and MANA Chelo Pink by NX-Nardcotix)

Visit My Pinkie Skull at their main store, and bring out your inner sexy army diva.

Jena Adder

Lights, Camera… Pose!

Ok. I think I’m officially a pose junkie on Second Life. Reason is I probably have more poses in my inventory than shoes… and trust me, I have a lot of shoes. Move over Imelda Marcos.

Right…back to poses. There are numerous poses and animations on Second Life. When pose shopping look for high quality, smooth-transition, priority 4 animations. You will use them for runway and in-store modeling work. Choosing the right pose for your outfits and coordinating them properly through transitions will please your audience and make for a fun and interesting fashion show.

A good HUD will enable you to organize your poses and animations and access them quickly when needed. Always take the time to familiarize yourself with poses that go well with certain outfits. There are poses that are best for showing gowns and dresses, and others that are great for minis, pants and swimsuits. There are even specific poses for showing off jewelry, hats and other accessories.

As you collect your poses, organize them accordingly into folders, and create notecards that you can drop into your model HUD for quick access on the runway or at that in-store or on-location modeling job.

Remember… stay organized and always be ready.

Recommended creators/sellers of smooth-transition, priority 4 model poses, walks and stands for males and females:

Vista Animation Poses

Vista Animations Poses

Vista Animations

One of the best animation shops on SL, Vista offers several model walks and stands and a great, easy-to-use HUD. Buy individual animations or the packs. For females I recommend Vista’s MOCAP Runway Model, Sensual Woman and Model Basic AOs. For males, check out Vista’s Irresistible Man and Dangerous Man AOs for model walks and stands.

Maitreya Poses

Maitreya Poses


Maitreya is renowned for it’s over the top, multi-animated pose sequences and walks for the runway. Some of the more popular ones are the Runway Pose sets, Skirts and Gowns set, CCRunwayWalk01, CCfWalk02medium, CCfWalk01fastloose. I recommend getting all of them if you can afford it (smiles). For the males, check out the set of 16 male poses (top floor).

Behavior Body Poses

Behavior Body Poses

Behavior Body

Behavior Body offers unique and fun runway poses for gowns and dresses with arms above the waist or in the air. Also included with it’s pose packs is an intuitive HUD that allows you to turn the poses on and off or run them automatically, which is great for in-store modeling. While you’re there check out the Handbag poses and some of the newer AOs with animated stands. For males, check out the Male Pack 1 & 2 for great smooth-transition posing.

Real Expression (Luth) Poses

Reel Expression (Luth) Poses

Reel Expression

Reel Expression has offered original, high-quality animations by Luth Brodie since 2004. The large variety of poses include model poses for men and women. Their famous “Luth” poses are smooth transition but not as slow as some of the poses offered at Maitreya or BehaviorBody. There are many to choose from, but look for *Luth* Runway V2 08, RE-Walk 2 and Luth Male Walk.

Recommended  HUD for Runway Modeling:

HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe

HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe

HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe

HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe is a remote control for your avatar. It will play your AOs, dances, modeling poses and other animations with a simple click of your mouse. It holds hundreds of animations and lists them by name on the buttons. This all-in-one animation HUD is easy to use and is highly recommended for organizing and playing your poses on the runway and all other modeling jobs. Some other cool features of HUDDLES include a Random Mode for setting your animations to play automatically and the ability to Invite others to be animated with you. The HUD is copyable, and a Basic version is also available.

Other popular animation/pose shops:

Happy shopping!

Jena Adder

Shaped by a Model – Estela Parx

Estela Parx

Estela Parx, Model and Owner/Designer of FIGURE

I recently had the honour of meeting one of SL’s supermodels Estela Parx. Estela is the owner and designer of FIGURE, a shape store that offers exclusive shapes with facial and body features designed to give you a unique personal and realistic appearance. Each shape includes a complete styling card to help you match the brilliantly photographed models on her store walls. Estela offers modify and no modify versions of her shapes (skirt shape included).

It’s always fun to experiment with different shapes and skins. Estela’s shapes are beautiful and perfect for modeling. Visit her store and try them for yourself (FIGURE by Estela Parx).

More about Estela Parx

Below is my interview with Estela, who offers some great advice to aspiring models.

Jena: How long have you been a model?

Estela: Becoming a model in SL was one of my goals. My career began with the Spanish academy, Laver, who gave me the opportunity to participate in a course for being a model in August 2009.

Jena: What training have you had as a model?


  • Laver Academy Model graduate – Sept 29, 2009
  • SuperElite Modeling Academy graduate – Nov 9,  2009
  • Evane Model School from Mimmi Boa graduate – Nov 12, 2009
  • SuperElite Modeling Academy (Elite Class)  graduate – Dec 17, 2009

Jena: Do you remember your first job as a model on Second Life?

Estela: Yes, my first professional fashion show was in October 2009 with the Spanish Agency  Laver for the designer Ariadna Garrigus. It was an experience I will never forget, and I remember with nostalgia my friends, the stress from it being my first show and the big lag!

Jena: What is your favourite type of modeling?

Estela: I really like the runway, no doubt, but I also love making creative styling to pose as premier  model in the store of Thea Tamura Fashion,  a designer for whom I have great admiration.

Jena: Tell me about your recent or favourite modeling jobs.

  • Miss Winter SuperElite SuperSearch 2010 – Jan 2010
  • Hearts for Haiti (Evane Agency) – Feb 2010
  • Pandora show (SuperElite Agency and designer HOUSE OF BENINGBOROUGH) – Feb 2010
  • Fellini Couture show  (SuperElite Agency) – April 2010
  • April spotlight video for Thea Tamura Fashion in Liata Social Club

Estela ParxJena: What advise would you give to aspiring models on SL?

Estela: Create your own style, be yourself, do not imitate others and work hard. A model must have dedication, professionalism, punctuality and responsibility; beauty is a prerequisite in this profession, but without intelligence you will not get very far.

Jena: In your opinion, what are the benefits of being a model?

Estela: Developing your creativity, acquiring technical skills (e.g., shape and editing objects, catwalk choreography with poses), meeting interesting and creative people and making good friends.

Jena: Describe your personal style.

Estela: Style is an expression of personality. The qualities that differentiate one person from another is a personal brand that is expressed in our actions and also in our clothes. I like femininity and elegance with attention to detail. I’m a bit of a minimalist, but I also love trying different looks matching different styles. It’s very creative and fun for me.

Jena: Tell me about your other interests on SL.

Estela: I love making shapes, taking photos, making friends, networking with others in the modeling business, shopping and exploring.

Estela’s Style Favourites:

  • Skin store: Belleza
  • Shape store: I never bought a shape
  • Hair store: TUKIMOWAGUNA
  • Clothes store: Leezu Baxter and Thea Tamura Fashion
  • Shoe store: Stiletto Moody
  • Jewelry store: Paper Couture
  • Accessories store: LaGyo, Baiastice
  • Fashion Magazine: BOSL

Thank you Estela for allowing me to feature you on my Blog. Your elegance, grace and sheer beauty inspires us all to be the best we can be.

Jena Adder

Skin artists… MAKE ME OVER!

Favourite Skin

Skin: Ariana Dark (Lara Skin); Eyes: #19 (MR Designs); Hair: Katie-C Black (Fabulous Hair)

As models we know how important a GOOD skin is. We invest a lot of time looking for the perfect (and sometimes not so perfect) skin to help us achieve our supermodel look. It seems to me that the quality of skins on Second Life keeps getting better and more realistic every day, so don’t limit yourself to one skin… one look. Try a new shade of skin, maybe a goth look or makeup with face tattoos like those at LionSkins.

I’ve been experimenting with darker skins lately. In the photo I’m wearing Ariana Dark skin from Lara Skin, a great pair of dreamy blue eyes from MR Designs and hair and hat from Fabulous Hair. I Love this look on the runway.

A Model’s skin can range from milky fair to mocha dark, freckles and moles to clear and blemish free. There is beauty in all of them. However, what you do with your skin is another story. A good skin, shape and hair can make the difference between a stylish or a styleless look. Individuality is key, so be creative and flaunt your diva style.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 of my favourite skin shops on Second Life. I applaud these fabulous skin and shape artists and thank them for making us look GORGEOUS!

Remember! Test the waters before jumping in — always try the demo first.

Jena Adder


Check out The Best of SL Magazine and their BOSL Shopping Guide for a more extensive list of recommended skin shops.

Gimme head with hair

Oh…those famous lyrics from the musical Hair

“Give me down to there hair
Shoulder length or longer
Here baby, there mama
Everywhere daddy daddy
Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair…”

Editing Hair

Modifiable hair allows you to adjust your hair to conform to your shape.

Well that’s all fine and dandy in real life… but in SL, sometimes hair is literally “here baby, there mama, everywhere daddy daddy”.

As models we know how important it is to have everything looking right on our avatar, and hair is no exception. Hair through the ears, eyes and shoulders looks unprofessional on the runway or at that very important interview with a reputable model agency.

Here are some tips to fix those ‘hairy’ issues we all face with some SL hair:

  • Buy hair from reputable creators and stores.
  • Buy hair that is modifiable — modifiable hair allows us to adjust the hair to our varying shapes and sizes.
  • Buy hair with resizable scripts — the easiest way to adjust your hair. Some scripts also allow you to change the color and texture, and in some cases add or remove any accessories that came with the hair. You may want to ensure that the scripted hair is also modifiable just in case you need to adjust parts of the hair that may show through your ear or eyes and cannot be fixed by the script.
  • Learn to use the “Edit” feature — have a love affair with the “Edit” feature because it will allow you to move, rotate, stretch and edit individual parts of your hair (if modifiable). Here’s how:

    Editing Hair

    Use the Edit menu to move, stretch, rotate and alter individual parts of your hair.

  1. Wear the hair
  2. Right mouse click on the hair
  3. Select Edit from the pie-chart menu — this opens the Build window and the Edit menu (the icon with the mouse pointer)
  4. The main options are Position, Rotate, Stretch, Select Texture. If you wish to edit only parts of the hair, check the “Edit linked parts” box then use the options above to adjust accordingly.

Modeling Notes:

  • Buy more than one shade of a good hair style — you want to be prepared if asked to change the color to suit a particular outfit
  • Have short, medium and long hair in your inventory — again be as flexible as possible
  • Don’t be afraid to buy some outrageous or unusual hair
  • Keep your hair organized – create folders for the different types of hair in your inventory, e.g. updo (formal), long (fantasy), medium (ponytail). This too is important for quick changes during a fashion shoot or runway show.
  • DO NOT wear freebie hair to interviews, castings and modeling jobs.
  • Demo a hair style before buying it, and ALWAYS remember to delete your demos. Demos take up unnecessary space in your inventory and should be permanently deleted after you’ve made your decision.

Your hair is a part of your style — be creative, tasteful and flexible.

Stay pretty.

Jena Adder

15 Favourite hair shops:

  1. Analog Dog
  2. DamselFly Hair Salon
  3. ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs
  4. Fab-U-Lous
  6. Hair & Hair
  7. Ivanka Akina (IA Magic)
  8. Junwave
  9. Magika
  10. Maitreya
  11. Nikita Fride
  12. Truth
  13. Tukinowaguma
  14. W&Y
  15. Zero Style