Saby Clary’s Utopia – A Mecca for Elegance

I’m not a gown gal. I’m in my jeans and t-shirt most of the time. However, every so often I have to dress up for the odd fashion event or Second Life night out, so I like to have a few REALLY nice go-to gowns in my inventory for such occasions. One of my favourite formal shops is Saby Clary’s Utopia Glamour Mall. Models looking for that “WOW” factor at casting calls and auditions should definitely check out Saby’s gowns.

Utopia BLUE Royal

Jena Adder wearing Utopia BLUE Royal gown

My favourite at the moment is the Utopia Blue Royal gown. This gown embodies strength, femininity and elegance. It’s beautiful jewel stone and whimsical flared veil adds glam and radiance to the overall look. The sheer top and generous slit in the skirt screams sexy. sensual, seductive. The complete outfit  is a display of sparkle and shine and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. Saby demonstrates how a deep royal blue gown can be visually powerful and bold yet light and feminine.

Utopia BLUE Royal (back)

Jena Adder wearing Utopia BLUE Royal gown (back)

Look for the Infinity Blue and Red gowns with similar sparkle and clever variations of the top, jewels and veil.

Utopia RED Infinity (POP)

Utopia RED Infinity (photo provided by Saby Clary)

Utopia BLUE infinity

Utopia BLUE infinity (photo provided by Saby Clary)

Thinking sexy, quality, stylish and modern? Visit Saby Clary’s Utopia Mainstore.

Saby Clary’s Utopia offers elegant outfits, gowns and fabulous wedding creations for women, and fine suits and formal wear for men. Designs by Saby Clary. Owned by Saby Clary and Ricky Zhichao.

Jena Adder


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